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View Diary: President Obama outsources conflict to the people of Massachusetts (73 comments)

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    Kerry will probably have smooth sailing in his confirmation to allow Brown another run at the Senate.

    Then it'll be up to Mass to either change the rules again to avoid a special election, or to find a second candidate capable of beating Brown.

    At this point, I personally care more about getting a good Sec of State into position than whether our senate majority drops from 55 to 54.   But of course I'd rather Mass deals with the problem and keeps the seat in Dem hands.

    As for the actual qualifications, I don't know why there are only two candidates floated, but of the two Kerry seems better suited to the job.    Rice has a pretty good resume but it's a pretty freaking huge leap from an ambassador to Sec of State in one hop.   Usually you'd have to be a congresscritter on the right committees for a while or alternately have a lower level cabinet position such as Nat Security Advisor before being given a shot at State.

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