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    An armed guard at each school is a great idea. Cost is not a problem; NRA dues can pay for it. And since the government would have to pay for training the guards it will have to raise taxes to pay for training, as well as the background checks. Then it will be Grover Norquist (NRA board member) VS the NRA.

    Then, of course, you'd have to have an armed, guard-watcher in case one of the guards went nuts and started shooting.

    And why is there so little media talk about the shooter's household? His mother was a "prepper" (a government is gonna take over the country so arm yourselves and be prepared to shoot). That doesn't come out of thin air – though it does come out of the air via a broadcast signal.

    Preppers are created and motivated by hate radio and Fox News, so Mrs. Lanza and her son must have gotten a lot of propaganda and motivation from Conservatives. It's a safe bet that the household only watched Fox on TV, and only listened to hate radio on the radio.

    Combine that with another Conservative cause: making lots and lots of guns available (the household had multiple assault weapons) and you have the one-two combination, motivation and means, that made the horror of Sandy Hook not only possible but probable.

    And LaPierre's answer is more guns?

    A Southerner in Yankeeland

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