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    Cliss, Laconic Lib

    I lean toward believing that there would be a benefit to system in place "gun-free" zones like schools, college campuses, a sort of "asymmetrical defense" where we counter the idea (in the minds of someone on the verge of snapping with a gun) that these special places are defenseless killing fields.  To accomplish that, the authorities just have to make clear that SOMETIMES there MAY be a armed private security, local law enforcement, or state troopers (uniformed or not) on-site.   How often that security is actually there would be up to the facility manager and is beside the point.   The point is to create the doubt in the mind of a troubled mind.  

    My hunch is that is part of the solution.  just a hunch, let me know if i'm way off.

    That is quite different than welcoming any tinpot conceal carrier in the door, or arming students, or training an army of ninja principals which are all bad ideas that occur to the SICK MIND OF WAYNE LAPIERE unfortunately my suggestion has vaguely the same outline as some of Lapiere's "commands" my suggestion will probably be killed in the crossfire.

    But, unfortunately

    •  that's already the case, isn't it? (2+ / 0-)
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      Cliss, Kentucky DeanDemocrat

      My understanding is those gun-free zones usually don't apply to police. But even if they do, police could respond about as fast as someone on foot on site is likely to be able to in a place as large as most school campuses.

      It's just not a solution or even a remedy of any kind.

      I sat in a waiting room forced to listen to this nut on the t.v. and just shook my head at how stupid the ideas were, especially since many schools already have armed security, most schools have police coming through already periodically (I remember seeing an officer or two at least once a week in jr. high and high school), and there's often patrol cars within a block or two of schools.

      The idiot was actually making a strong case for better gun regulation, even though no one would ever admit it. The longer it takes to shoot lots of bullets, reload, and then find more victims, the more time armed defenders would have to respond (and potential victims would have to get away).

      I wonder how much better Lapierre's fear-mongering would've gone over closer to 9-11. It's still probably effective now to those they were targeting, those quivering Republican suburban masses who jump at the first sight of a shadow.

      •  IT is already the casee.. (0+ / 0-)

        you are right (at least for certain facilities).  But we need to promote the idea that it is the case.  This would have greater value than arming more, and more poorly-trainied, people.

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