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    (on chained CPI anyway) it's obvious to me that some are just doing their duty, throwing out the "it's not a cut!" talking points and Pelosi is using the same ones.   I don't know if they really believe that.  Just doing their duty.  

    You'll find the same people making that assertion and then there will be two, three, sometimes even eight or ten responses with people genuinely trying to explain, giving links and coming up with their own examples to help them understand, etc.  But then you find the same person in some other thread or some other diary just tossing out the "it's not a cut" talking point again to a fresh group of people who I assume they think might be convinced.  

    And these talking points are one of the things that make me think they are going to do this deal.  If this was a bluff or they did not intend to touch Social Security why would they bother to come up with the talking points?  And the other reason obviously is that Obama has been trying to get this Simpson Bowles crap done for a long time now and I think he expected that it wouldn't happen on the first try.  But it never dies, keeps coming back.  Last summer there were Dem muckety mucks out in the media saying that Simpson Bowles was the way to go, paving the way. They knew this was not going to be easy and would come up against fierce opposition.  I believe they have laid out plans and contingency plans and will keep at it until they do it.   The Fix the Debt Wall St and CEO crooks behind it really kind of showed their hand in the past couple of months and now it is much more obvious to more people who is behind it all.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 05:55:13 PM PST

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