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  •  Another great point (15+ / 0-)

    and something I didn't note.  Turning LEDs on and off have no impact on their lifetime, to my knowledge, whereas CFLs are impacted, and as most of us know, the incandescent bulbs usually go out when we turn them on and get the POP sound of it going off.  So that's another strong benefit of LEDs.  CFLs also sometimes have the drawback of having to warm up, so they will be dim when you turn them on, and slowly brighten, whereas at least the LEDs I purchased come on instantly at full brightness.

    •  I had a florescent fixture (7+ / 0-)

      in my laundry room that was on an occupancy sensor and given that I pass by numerous times each day it's forever going on/off. The fixture took Circline bulbs which aren't cheap and they only lasted about a month before burning out.

      Anyway, I replaced it with an LED bulb that's designed to replace a Circline and I'm very happy with it because it's instant on/off plus it uses somewhat less power than the florescent.

      The only problem I had was that it would rapidly flash on and off because I had the wrong type of occupancy sensor. But, after replacing the sensor it's worked great and it's already paid for itself.

      Sadly, the company that made the special LED bulbs has stopped making them.

      The only trouble with retirement is...I never get a day off!

      by Mr Robert on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 02:00:06 PM PST

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