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  •  ??? (3+ / 0-)

    I've seen a number of very nice LED bulbs with good color temperatures recently.

    My older bulbs, on the other hand, were not so good, and some have significant color anomalies. (Colored objects often look funny under them, and it can be hard to focus on things because they mix specific colors rather than producing a good spectrum.) In particular, I have one or two very old ones that mix yellow and blue LEDs that are particularly awful for color.

    •  See if there's a "Color Rendering Index" listed (3+ / 0-)

      A smooth blend of colors will be near 100, for example sunlight. There are, as eyesoars pointed out, big differences from one model to the next.

    •  Our front porch bulb (0+ / 0-)

      Was one of the first attempts at rendering a "warm" yellow color. It made everything a sickly olive-green. Thus it lives outdoors, where no one can really tell.

      We're really happy with the weird-looking bulbs we bought last year. The color they render just screams "home-y incandescent," but the bulb's weird design does turn some people off: 3 yellow light segments with a gray structure holding it all together and providing heat sink capacity. I personally don't care what a light bulb looks like, as long as it meets my needs.

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