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  •  The Centennial Lightbulb (4+ / 0-)
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    nomandates, lazybum, ozsea1, BYw

    in Livermore, CA has been lit almost continuously since 1901. They sure knew how to make 'em back then.

    The light is maintained by a non-profit that has amassed a collection of very, very old, still functioning incandescent bulbs.

    •  That's really unusual (2+ / 0-)
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      6ZONite, BYw

      Because I've noticed that since I've switched to CFLs, I buy light bulbs about once a year, if that. And I'm bad about turning lights off. I used to buy bulbs all the time.

      However, I have noticed the LEDs are getting cheaper and brighter. I just replace an under cabinet light with 3 led buttons that link together. Way brighter, doesn't get hot. Really important in under cabinet lighting.

      •  The oldest bulbs were handcrafted (0+ / 0-)

        And not quite the same as the more recent mass-produced incandescents. That might explain why some of them have lasted a really, really long time.

        I actually have no idea how energy-efficient those very old bulbs are but since there's so few of them I don't suppose it matters a great deal.

    •  Special conditions (0+ / 0-)

      That lightbulb  is a bit unusual in that it's running at a really low power.  You can see the same effect with regular lightbulbs if you take a 100 watt bulb and run it at 10 watts.  The centennial light bulb is rated at 60watts but runs at just 4 which is probably just enough to give a glow and not much else.

      There's also a bit of a survivor effect in that the bulb is probably quite a bit out of spec and just happens to have the right combinations of things to give it more longevity than normal.  You don't see the bulbs made back then that died early or lasted a regular amount of time since they've been thrown out a long time ago.

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