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  •  Good luck with your LEDs. (2+ / 0-)
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    KenBee, Liberal Thinking

    We put in two LEDs earlier this year. One lasted less than three weeks - I think it was actually less than one - and the other has had to be replaced as well, though it lasted for several months. At that rate of failure and the expense, we aren't buying more. Every bulb in the house that could be replaced was replaced years ago with CFLs and I think we will stick with those for the foreseeable future.

    If there's an LED brand that's particularly reliable, please post it and we'll give them another shot, though I really dislike the cold blue-white light they emit.

    It seems, at least from our experience, that there may be a few bugs still to work out when it comes to using them  in our home.

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    •  Duds (1+ / 0-)
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      Kitsap River

      I can only say you got duds. I've had various LEDs that I bought over the last two years and none of them have failed. That includes the one in my bathroom and the one fixture outdoors. (You can look at my comment elsewhere on this diary that gives the entire list.)

      Of course, maybe you need to just trek up to Clallam to get the good ones. :-)

    •  Granted, I've had them barely a month (1+ / 0-)
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      Kitsap River

      but the LEDs I purchased in the link and installed are still working just fine, but I will be sure to note if any of them go out.  Most of the reviews I've read have said they've had no problems.  However, some bulbs more poorly reviewed on Amazon have said that the bulbs went out.  I guess it just depends on the different bulbs.  Some won't be as well-made.

    •  Fascinating (0+ / 0-)

      Anyone else experiencing this? It might mean that there's a sleazy manufacturer entering the market selling junk.

      I've never had one go out.

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