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    Some even describe the light as too harsh.  That may be one of their drawbacks.  So it depends what you're looking for.  From my limited research, if you're buying LEDs, the idea is to look for a higher number LUMEN for a brighter light.  I saw many reviews for 40 watt replacements that were probably around 6 watts that they said were brighter than the incandescent bulbs.  My bulbs aren't too harsh for me, they are a good brightness and they are meant to replace a 65 watt bulb.  They use only 9 watts and are brighter.  Additionally, from what I understand is that they don't go out all at once like other bulbs, but fade slowly over time.  So it may be just that they are a little bit bright to begin with.  The bulbs I bought were perfect.  But I would just read reviews of the bulbs.  Most people are as new to LED as anyone else, so the user reviews on Amazon seem to go pretty in depth on the pluses and minuses of each bulb, and brightness is one of the first things you'll see talked about.

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