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View Diary: White House said to be considering smaller fiscal cliff package (217 comments)

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    Mindful Nature

    question on this site.  I see comments like this all the time:  

    He's got to beat them into submission and make them submit.
    But they never actually provide concrete details as to how this would work.  Sort of like the magic ponies, I guess.

    The reality is that John Boehner controls the gavel in the House.  If he doesn't want to bring an item/bill to the floor, it simply ain't gonna happen.  

    But perhaps, President Obama could force them to do it by executive order/snark.

      •  I have seen multiple answers (0+ / 0-)

        I have also seen people turn around days later to ask "how can we do something other than move far right?" This circular process of asking the questions that have alredy been answered is a waste of time,a nd I suspect that's why most peple don't answer. I know when I used to post here more and frankly after this I am going back to not posting agaiin- its because I got tired of wasting my time with people who never can see any other solution other than what the Democratic leadership is doing.

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