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View Diary: White House said to be considering smaller fiscal cliff package (217 comments)

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  •  One of the things about the chained CPI is that it (1+ / 0-)
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    kj in missouri

    is intended to apply not only to SS, but also to veterans' benefits and a lot of other things as well, which have some inflation factor, including taxation categories, which accounts for the tax rise mentioned. The other things it affects have not gotten a lot of coverage, because mostly 'entitilements are limited to SS, Medicare and Medicaid and not, for example, veterans' benefits. But the chained CPI is apparently a bigger in scope deal than the discussion of it I have seen here before this thread.

    And I wrote yesterday about CPI-E in a comments thread concerning what the NYT had said, that it was not used because it was 'experimental' and got a return post which indicated without a link that the result of CPI E was that it cut seniors more than this one did if used for prior years.

    So it's kind of a fuzzy issue, but one where a lot of money is at stake in a lot of places, with a value someone claimed at $130B, so it is in any event worth watching.  

    I did not see it in the short plan O described today.  

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