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View Diary: A Message to NRA President Wayne LaPierre: How Dare You? (144 comments)

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  •  I venture this creature (2+ / 0-)
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    is criminaly insane. I believe this "man", "thing", derives vicarious pleasure from the carnage being wrought on the bodies and minds of americans young and old.

    Wayne LaPierre: How Dare You?
    This "lower evolved" cretin, stepped in front of the entire world today, and like mass muderers before, blamed everyone and everything for the carnage he has main-streamed,  and he didn't even bat an eye.
    I have no doubt that lapierre will eventully be placed right there alongside ted bundy, charles manson, and timothy mcveigh. I also have no doubt that lapierre sleeps soundly every night, and I believe this because of the way lapierre vomited his venom today. He spoke with no passion, he was an empty vessel, a tool, he was like an assasin on a mission, cold and heartless. Lapierre spewed a litany of  "misdirections", blaming everyone and everything under the sun, and if you think about it, even the victims themselves came in for blame, when he claimed that "a good guy with a gun, would've taken out the bad guy with a gun". So where are we? We have been brought to a point in time by gun manufactures, ammunition manufacturers and "satan", lapierre,  where we must now start thinking about arming everyone because everyone will have to defend themselves from everyone else. What a plan they have produced for america. Who gets attacked next by all this firepower? They have to use it right? An African, Central American, Middle East, Asia, or European country? What is the need for the " MOST POWERFUL FORCE THE WORLD HAVE EVER SEEN?" , as "mitch rummy" boasted he would create. I will not going on this insane expedition. Some entity needs to police these "evolving criminal entities".  It is time for the good, and responsible citizens of this country to speak up, vote the "tools" of the so called gun lobby out, and yes, take the country back. Look, folks, there is nowhere safe in America today. Nowhere. Is this what we want? You don't even need to answer that, because as I understand the the constitution this is not its America. This is a republican hellhouse, enabled by corrupt, activist, rightwing ideologues on the supreme court, bought and paid for.

    The Democrats now own everything from the center right to the far left. the republicans and the filthy robberbarons occupy the extreme right fringe.

    by longtimelurker on Fri Dec 21, 2012 at 08:27:30 PM PST

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