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View Diary: On becoming a gun control advocate (Any advice?) (16 comments)

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    Does most of what you read from both sides sound like sheer nonsense?

    If so, then you've fulfilled your first duty, to inform yourself. From there you can draft policy proposals that make sense.

    Then, look for allies: insurance companies, for example. You might even be able to organize gun owners who are sick of the NRA.

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      I think it's pretty clear that the diarist thinks the sheer nonsense is coming from a particular "side".

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      You are right, to a point. There are definitely pro-gun advocates that go overboard. Even if I agree that stronger gun control would be awesome, I know that it is lunacy to think it would ever happen. The arguments are often valid, they are just unrealistic.

      However, the pro-gun side (at least when talking about assault rifles) is mostly crap. Crazy, crazy crap.

      I live in Minnesota and am surrounded by responsible hunters. Personally, I can say that the ones I have talked to support reasonable gun control, mainly because they understand guns and don't want to be grouped in with the loonies.

      The first thing I learned was to pear back my argument. I am sticking to assault weapons as covered in the 1994 bill.

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