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  •  And "32,000 people a year . . . kill themselves"? (1+ / 0-)
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    happy camper

    A) Where is that figure from?
    B) Are you going to pretend that drivers only kill themselves? That's why I highlighted how many people are killed who aren't drivers. There's this idea that drivers only hurt themselves. It's simply not true--and it's frankly outrageous. People who drive kill others--every single day. People who aren't even driving.

    And if you want to start claiming that pedestrian and cyclist deaths are even slightly more likely to be the fault of the pedestrian and the cyclist, you better find statistics to back up that claim.

    But I'll go ahead and take care of that search for you: you won't find that because (a) what statistics there are suggest that's false and (b) the statistics suck and don't prove very much.

    •  The number is from the NHTSA (0+ / 0-)

      If the data sucks and doesn't prove very much, why are you so certain it supports your thesis?

      On the other hand, I'm a paramedic, so I see about a dozen MVAs a week and about 2-3 of those are likely to involve pedestrians or cyclists (I understand my experience may not be directly applicable to national statistics).

      My experience tells me that about half of all Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian events are the "fault" of the pedestrian: People who don't look before entering a roadway. It's seems to be about the same for cyclists. Frankly, in our area, during the spring, summer and fall, we have LOTS and LOTS of bike races and day trippers, from New York city, on bikes who pass through our area and I see a lot of bike accidents (with cars or not). In most cases, they are the fault of the cyclist doing something dumb. I'm not saying that's true all the time. A lot of times, the car driver did something dumb.

      Accidents happen. That's why we don't call them "Intentionals."

      We can't ban everything that causes a death. We'd never do anything.

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