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    These are the homicide numbers for 2005-2011 (FBI):

    Year        Total         Homicides    % of Total
          Homicides      using firearms   
    2005    14,965    10,158    67.9%
    2006    15,087    10,225    67.8%
    2007    14,916    10,129    67.9%
    2008    14,224    9,528    65.1%
    2009    13,636    9,146    67.1%
    2010    12,996    8,772    67.5%
    2011    14,022    9,492    67.7%

    The number from the CDC is more problematic since they are not allowed by law to publish or analyze gun data. Their number is 18,735 gun suicides with no other detailed information attached.

    In the CDC's referenced report, gun injury seems to be hidden among other deliberately non-specified "Head and neck injury" and "traumatic brain injury" numbers, as well as other places. Law requires the CDC to pretend that gun deaths and injuries are indistinguishable from car accidents and falls, even though they ARE allowed to pull specific data about the latter injuries. The NRA demands that they not be allowed to gather similar data about gun deaths and injuries.

    All so the NRA can claim there is no "scientific" data about gun deaths.

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