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  •  This is fitting. The weather is severe, in many (3+ / 0-)
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    jabney, cassandracarolina, aravir

    such as my home town,
    where it's about 20 degrees,
    all day,
    and down to ten,
    Wednesday morning.

    I put the dogs out,
    no more than an hour at a time,
    then back in.

    Wichita winters
    are usually much milder than this.

    in Kansas
    are hard to convince
    on global warming
    and climate change,
    since we often have severe weather,

    But the new climate
    is a pattern
    of all severe weather
    that's always been,
    is simply more and more severe.

    That's why I'm concerned about famines,
    since this is the bread basket
    of the world,
    and climate change
    is hitting hardest here,
    according to
    Munich Re,
    the re-insurance company.

    I know,
    I turned a great comment,
    about nice meals at home,
    into a chance for another rant.

    Thanks for reading,
    and posting poetry.

    I was at a Chinese restaurant,
    and could not be here live.

    I was hoping for a few poets,
    or thoughtful commenters
    to exchange thoughtful words.

    You did your part.

    Thank you.

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