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View Diary: When You Only Have a Hammer, Every Problem is a Nail (12 comments)

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  •  I'm realizing the NRA thrives on violence. (0+ / 0-)

      Taking your diary's title another step, when guns are the solution to every problem, every person will be a target.
       That means you.  And me.  Just for wanting saner firearm laws.  And every child who talks talks back to a "stand-your-grounder."  And every teacher who's in a union, and every teacher who won't carry a gun.  Every doctor who performs abortions.  Every politician who's a democrat.  Every republican who isn't a teabagger.  Every pharmacist who sells "Plan B."  Every person who steals a parking space.  Every person who plays their music too loud.  Every child who speaks out of turn... oh, you don't like that last one?  Just how do you think we'll learn to stay alive in such a polite society, if it isn't by cringeing down in our seats when the teacher with the gun on her hip looks at us disapprovingly?  The threat doesn't have to be stated, the implication at that age is staggeringly real.  My boy saw a tornado in a movie years ago, and he makes me reassure him there won't be one every time there's a storm.  It gets so I have a hard time separating reality from reassurance, and that's just the weather.
       Just out of curiosity, how long would it take to get your kid back, if he or she told the policeman on the corner, "I have to eat what's on my plate, or Daddy will shoot me with his gun"?  That might not be what Daddy said, but how is a little kid supposed to unthread Daddy's threats to the world with his anger at domestic infractions?  Most can't.
       If it's so clearly wrong at home, why would you ever imagine making the threat of deadly force the norm everywhere, all the time?

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