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View Diary: Of Religion and Public School or Do You Really Think It Doesn't Harm Students? (30 comments)

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  •  If they thought you were having sex with... (5+ / 0-)

    every boy and almost every boy was a mormon then you must be having sex with...hey wait a second here...

    I had sometimes thought about returning to my HS Guidance Councillor (the irony always being that they seem to give so little actual 'guidance) and kicking him in the nuts, figuratively, for telling me I could not become what I eventually did outstandingly. I think you should go back to him and really do it...

    You were probably beside yourself with grief when Mitt didn't get elected?

    •  the boy thing did occur to me (4+ / 0-)

      even in high school. I constantly wondered if the parents actually realized what came out of their mouths.

      And yes, so heartbroken over Mitt (party over here!). I am actually Facebook friends with some of my high school classmates, and their absolute disbelief and outrage was interesting to read about. One of those friends posted how he was torn--his elders had told him to vote for Mitt and he felt morally obligated not to.

      •  I heard many of them were 'fasting and... (1+ / 0-)
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        praying' for his election. Wonder how they reconcile his crash and burn to the godless Obama? At least they will look a bit better in those special undergarments after having shed a few pounds...

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