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    Long before the "less government is better" & "the private sector always does it better," became the accepted meme in much of the US, the public sector was vibrant and cost effective and employed economies of scale and other ideas developed and then explained  by the father of Public Administration, Max Weber - in  Europe. Successful (Germany & France) European social democracies use these methods.  And contrary to conventional wisdom perpetrated by right wing ideologues in the US, a strong and efficient public sector is vital to good & effective government.  Not to mention a less stressed out and happier populace - in nations where an effective public sector regulates, protects, enables small business growth, provides universal health care, etc.

    Things became so skewed and dishonest and disingenuous in our country, the US,  that former president George W. Bush attempted to sell privatization of Social Security to the American people, over and over again, thankfully to no avail.  Yet right wing extremists in the Republican party are still pushing that nonsense and will never abandon their goal of turning everything over to their for-profit buddies for exploitation - in the guise of "the private sector can do it better and at lower cost."  It is patently a shell game and will destroy our system if it ever comes to pass.

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