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View Diary: Romney campaign caught off guard by fact that Obama staffers worked (186 comments)

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  •  ORCA was a text-book disaster in the making. (3+ / 0-)
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    jo fish, JBraden, Creosote

    Future campaigns will study the Romney camp's GOTV software roll-out so that they will know what not to do.

    No beta-testing. No volunteer training. No support staff answering phones on election day.

    They left their volunteers swinging in the wind. I doubt many of those volunteers will return for the next election because they were just fed up.

    A weapon that is also a treasure is certain to be used.

    by wonderful world on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 11:39:47 AM PST

    •  When you read that they'd never stress-tested it (3+ / 0-)

      in the very environment it was supposed to "go live" in, that TD arena, that sure was dead giveaway of either incompetence or arrogance or some deadly combination of the two.  The claim was that it was supposed to be a "big secret".   Turned out to be such a big secret the volunteers couldn't use, and the IT Staff couldn't fix it.

      Well managed, Mr MBA Executive.  Next time the republicans can use your playbook to run another campaign in 2016, after all they love your Hahvad Education and brilliantly made fortune!

      A celibate clergy is an especially good idea, because it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity toward fanaticism. -Carl Sagan

      by jo fish on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 12:18:42 PM PST

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