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View Diary: Viva Chavez! Venezuela'™s Chavez, A Revolutionary Empowered By Love and Kindness. (38 comments)

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  •  It does not mean that their care is (0+ / 0-)

    advanced there though.   For a complicated case as his, there are much better options.    

    •  Really? (7+ / 0-)

      The American media is very fond of equating the fact that the US has the most expensive medical care with the claim that it has the best medical care. The statistics on the state of the health of the American public don't really bear that out.

      Since you don't have access to Chavez's medical records, you really aren't in a position to be so insistent about the matter.

      •  Dont take me wrong.... (0+ / 0-)

        I have no doubt that the primary care in Cuba is great and that they have free care for everyone (as it should be anywhere in the world).   I also agree that not knowing his exact medical condition, everything is just guessing.   However, there is a fact that is indisputable.  He had so far 3 surgeries for relapsing cancer.    This despite receiving chemotherapy and radiation after the 1st surgery (if I got it right from the news).  That alone establishes that his case is not simple.   It is apparently  complicated.   Now, I do believe that the US medical technology and medical care (to whomever is available) is the best in the world.   Some countries in europe (i.e. France, Germany) or elsewhere (Australia) have also advanced medical research and cutting edge therapies.   Unfortunately the medical technology in Cuba (at least as far as developing new treatments and cutting edge therapies) is much more limited after all these years of embargo to that country.   So, although they may have outstanding primary medical care, they would not be my first choice for a complicated/advanced case.  

        My point is that Chavez is an important figure and his death or survival will have important implications for the remaining socialist countries in South America.   I may be wrong, but I think his chances would have been better if he got treated somewhere in europe.    In any case, I hope that he does well.    He is a very important figure and has been a great leader for his country and South America.

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