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View Diary: Romney "had no desire" to be President (194 comments)

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  •  NOBODY wins nomination without "wanting it" (10+ / 0-)

    The part that's believably true about Romney not really "wanting" the nomination is that having expended the long, arduous effort in 2008 and come up second to McCain, Romney likely did experience a period of burnout and ambivalence about whether he was up to mounting another effort over the next four years.  It's certainly believable there were times when Romney did express ambivalence and doubts privately among his family back in 2009.

    However, NO ONE in the modern age successfully mounts a campaign to win the nomination of one of the two major parties without a nuclear-hot burning desire to win the Presidency.  It is simply not credible that Romney did not "want" the Presidency with every fiber throughout 2012 and most of 2011, at the very least.

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