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View Diary: All Male Iowa Supreme Court Rules It Is OK To Fire A Woman Because She's Irrestible? (74 comments)

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  •  Easy on the Iowa SC (7+ / 0-)

    Haven't been  a commenter on this site but I read it often.  As a former Iowan I thought I would weigh in. Remember, the Iowas SC is not a bunch of reactionaries.  It is mostly the same court ( minus three justices) that found unanimously that the Iowa constitution guaranteed same sex marriage. As one commenter said, the court may very well have had the same revulsion as we do but it was only stating what the law says.  Iowa, like most states is and "employment at will" state.  You can be fired for anything at all except for certain characteristics such as national origin, race, sex.  In this case they were saying she wasn't fired because she was female - but because she was an attractive female and he was attracted to her.  In the same way a member of a protected class could be fired for something that wasn't inherent in that class such as dressing poorly.  If Iowans don't like it they need to change the law.

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