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    Your second point is well taken.
    Your first point is off base. Family, Children, Community are not particularly Christian values. For most of the history of the Religion much more is made of the World hereafter, than the one we are in. So, children are ephemeral nuisances, that rarely grown up. Family is that thing Jesus is supposed to have said you must be willing to walk away from to follow him. Community is only the class you belong to, and it is only worthy for what it gives you and takes away from others.
    No, Christianity for most of its history has been a savage religion that sought out nothing more or less than converts, by proselytizing or the business end of a sword.
    So, when in the Victorian age the European version of Christianity started to take on attributes of the growing middle class, the Christmas holiday began to finally leave it Saturnalia roots -- complete with drunkenness, debauchery, and the poor looting the rich (that part I sort of like) -- and started down the road to the holiday you encountered. However, it was not until those Victorian values were acted upon with no small effect by the Jewish Decision makers in the popular arts of America did the Christian culture fully adopt the home and family aspects of the way Christmas is today. And the number of cherished Christmas songs and movies created and preformed by Artists of Jewish heritage is undeniable.
    So, there it is. The stark irony that a quasi-Christian holiday made so much better by modern Jewish input is used to remind Jews that they are not Christians, and they are the Other. If I was Jewish, I would want to make damn sure every whack job anti-Semite so-called Christian understands that the best parts of Christmas belong, in no small part to me and my Jewish heritage. And they better be respectful of that fact, or, or well, what can you do?
    Anyhow, just so you know not just a few of us nominal Christians are so disgusted with the overt commercialism of the holiday, and its mindless pagan/secular observances, that we are thinking about changing over to the other Christmas. The other is the Orthodox Christmas that falls about two weeks after the regular one, because the Orthodox follow the Gregorian calendar, not the Julian. Their Christmas, in January is always quiet, spiritual, contemplative and has snow. It has always been about family, and their faith. No one has to go to work on this Christmas. There isn't a second Black Friday. And all modest gifts they give come from a wealth of after Christmas sales. Sweet.

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