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View Diary: UPDATED: Idaho Senator Mike Crapo charged with drunken driving (157 comments)

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    The former sheriff of Idaho's Lemhi County, Sam Slavin, a Lemhi native from an old ranching family, was arrested twice for DUI.

    In between the arrests, Slavin was notably drunk while at the scene of a wilderness rescue. He was seen with a beer in his hand while driving the Sheriff's vehicle at that time.

    Still another account had Slavin getting quite drunk at an Idaho Police Officer's Association meeting and driving afterward. Nothing ever came of this, and was considered only a rumor.

    After the first DUI, he was ordered into rehab as part of his probation, but was re-elected a year later.

    Nothing came of the second incident where he was seen on the job holding a beer.

    The second DUI came after he was arrested while disturbing the peace about a year later; he was driving around in a mobile home court in the middle of the night, lights and siren going, and creating quite a ruckus.

    When asked by the judge if he would continue to drink after this incident, Slavin said he would, and resigned his office within 24 hours. As far as I know, all he did was pay a fine after resigning.

    That's how tough Idaho is on it's tippling officials.

    I could relate the John McGee incident, but I'll only say it was more spectacular than Slavin's. I believe it was commented on here earlier this year.

    Right many are called, and damn few are chosen.

    by Idaho07 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 at 08:33:08 PM PST

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