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View Diary: Republicans urge Senate leadership to reach a deal with Obama on taxes (43 comments)

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  •  Obama, Pelosi, Reid need to create something (2+ / 0-)
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    JG in MD, basket

    that Pelosi thinks can get supported by over 95% of her conference. Then it's up to teh orange man and his little sidekick Cantorwont to wrangle about 50 R's.

    AND ... the American public (unlike many here) will see Obama as the hero who tried to make a deal (just like about 80% of America wants to see) and then fashioned something in the end to avoid the cliff.

    Oh, and BTW, it's not a freaking slope. It doesn't matter how it takes effect, it will immediately crush consumer confidence, consumer spending, and the markets. A self imposed recession is not some kind of gentle walk down a winding garden path. It's more like being knee deep in quicksand and congratulating yourself on your choice of routes.

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