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View Diary: Republicans urge Senate leadership to reach a deal with Obama on taxes (43 comments)

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    Sequestration already hitting contractors

    Whether or not President Obama and Congress avert sequestration — or a nearly $1 trillion cut to federal spending — contractors should brace for a very different environment in 2013.

    Already, the threat of draconian budget cuts has caused federal agencies to realize new priorities, alter their procurement strategies, add scrutiny to their spending and — through collaboration with industry — seek ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Months of this kind of planning won’t end if sequestration dies.
    Sequestration Could Cut 10 Percent From School Budgets, Officials Estimate       

    Education officials and school administrators may be worrying instead of celebrating as they count down to the new year because of the threat of sequestration. If Congress fails to come up with a budget this year, then sequestration (the cancellation of budgetary resources) will take effect on Jan. 2.

    This means federal education funds would be cut by about 10 percent, forcing public schools to employ cost-trimming measures in federally funded programs.

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates the Department of Education will be hit with automatic, across-the-board cuts ranging from 7.8 percent in 2013 to 5.5 percent in 2021.

    Though not all of these reductions would be immediate, federal programs such as Title I, Head Start and state special education funding would feel the impact right away.
    Sequestration will hit seniors

    A sequester means cuts to senior meal programs across the state -- an important service that helps thousands of seniors to remain independent and living in their own homes.

    If the sequestration goes into effect, seniors will lose access to other essential Older Americans Act services such as rides to doctor’s appointments, assistance with public benefits, health insurance counseling, as well as the ability to participate in exercise and injury prevention programs that have proven their worth in helping seniors avoid unnecessary and costly hospital and nursing home stays.

    Family caregivers who are doing their best to help mom or dad continue to live at home would also be hurt by sequestration. Funding for the National Family Caregiver Support Program would also be cut. ... Given that family caregivers are the single largest source of long-term care, we must find every possible way to support their efforts, not undermine them.

    Folks, they are "war rations."
    Can we please refer to food stamps by their proper name?

    by Pluto on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 11:55:12 AM PST

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