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  •  Guns are made to kill. That killing is a (20+ / 0-)

    rational sollution to problems is a EuroAmerican obsession. Calling it "capital punishment" doesn't change the fact that the supreme authority of our nation and of the states rests on the right to kill individuals who don't behave. Indeed, I would argue, that the main reason we are obsessed with murder, and largely overlook all kinds of lesser-included and more terrifying abuses (starvation, rape, simple assault, imprisonment), is because the murderer's crime isn't defined by the effect on the victim. Rather, the murderer's action represents a challenge to the authority of the state as the sole executioner. That is also why, when duly sworn agents of the state kill in the performance of their "duties," their murderous actions are almost universally excused. Their obedience to their superiors lets them get away with being careless about human life.
    Of course, careless individuals get away with murder all the time. That's how come we have forty thousand (accidental) highway deaths a year. And, yes, there is a constant effort to make vehicles "safer," despite the obvious evidence that some humans should not be allowed access to such lethal machines. Besides, "safety improvements" are a rationale for the production of new models and the retirement of the old--a better strategy than "planned obsolescence" or "failure by design" to keep the production line humming along.
    If you want to address the proliferation of guns, shut down the industrial manufacture and distribution thereof, including the ammunition. Corporate enterprise is the source of most excess, including the excessive effort to restrict individual behavior. Legislatures are corporate bodies. So, their members have much in common with the members of private corporations and, understandably, great reluctance to interfere with their own kind. But, that's where the danger lies and that's where the solution has to be applied.
    We can't control the spread of nuclear weapons by killing people (Iraqis) who might get them. Wholesale mayhem has to be addressed on the wholesale level.

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 03:43:06 AM PST

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