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    I had some interesting Christmases 24 and 25 years ago.  A son born on Christmas Day and then another son born on Christmas Eve the next year.  Today they are the same age (24).  

    The reason I tell you this is because raising sons in this age, who are fascinated with guns, ganstas and the like is a challenge when you are a pacifist.  Especially when these sons (and an older brother) are young men of color.  Every day, they have to prove themselves with their peer groups and since they are "mixed" they really have no place to identify because they really do not belong to either race.  To top it off, while I worked my butt off for McJob wages, they grew up very poor. As teens they were mad about this and blamed me for their poverty, but now as adults, they are not bitter. However as their mother, I think they are confused as to where they belong in this world.  

    They have to spend so much energy and spirit proving themselves to their peers, on the job, when they shop for their boxers and t-shirts at the department store where they are shadowed by the security guard, and even for being guilty of walking down the street while being a young man of color (indeed this is true, it happens too frequently for my taste).  I think the one place where they think they will "fit" is with violence. They all play A LOT of violent video games.  Last week I was at my oldest son's home where he was playing Call of Duty and could not help but notice over 800,000 people were online with him playing a war game that was beyond bloody.  

    While as their mom I realize I am the LAST person in the world that they would tell if they were truly "ganstas". packed any guns, or participated in real life violence, still I know from being active in their lifelong friend's and families lives, they are not.  Every Sunday we all sit down to dinner at my house.  While we were eating my (hate to say it dinner was was excellent) dessert, I asked them what they thought about the shootings and the gun thing.  Every one of them said, the REAL kooks were the NRA people and anyone who had to go every place with a gun ~ including "ganstas" who got theirs legally or illegally, are merely causing more paranoia in our society and were not doing a thing to promote peace. They were truly disgusted.  

    My point here Mr Moore is. I am proud to say that, even though they had a rough childhood and some challenges in this world, they have the right ( not maybe a better word is "correct") idea.  They believe in gun control and as Representative McCarthy whose own husband was murdered in a mass shooting on the NYC subway calls it: gun SAFETY.  

    Now today is my youngest son's 24th birthday and tomrrow my middle son's 25th birthday.  I am happy to tell you they will spend it with good friends and a loving family.  While there are no wrapped presents for me under the tree (just the grandkids), I have a gift far more precious than the Hope Diamond: no guns in my house, my kid's house, nor in their freind's homes and young adults who just want to live their lives in peace ...

    Love, Cat in Seattle

    First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they hurt you, then you win ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    by mntleo2 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 08:06:14 AM PST

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