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View Diary: Celebrating the Prince of Peace in the Land of Guns (113 comments)

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  •  It's not the cash so much. It's avoiding being (3+ / 0-)

    targeted by the NRA for replacement.

    It's not that the NRA makes big donations - it's that they'll attack a politicians throughout all of the print and television aimed at people involved in shooting sports.

    "Furthermore, if you think this would be the very very last cut ever if we let it happen, you are a very confused little rabbit." cai

    by JesseCW on Mon Dec 24, 2012 at 11:29:23 AM PST

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    •  It's also about any NRA- endorsed candidate look (0+ / 0-)

      like a "badass". Machismo, testosterone, manly  = leadership and strong. Might makes right. Like that other old political candidate adage: better to be strong and wrong than weak and right.

      Recall when candidate Romney sought the NRA and the Nugent stamp of approval.

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