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  •  Mental Health Background Checks (1+ / 0-)
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    Angie in WA State

    are a good example of how the current system fails. Why? It isn't legal for a third party to disclose this and self reporting is ridiculous. Even if a court has adjudicated someone mentally unfit, or has committed a person for a psychiatric stay, it would take ANOTHER court order for this to make any sort of searchable data base..

    The medical community needs to be where some sort of prohibition begins.

    In my home state of NC, you can legally purchase FIVE handguns PER YEAR. there are no restrictions on "long guns".  Long gun purchases do NOT require the same background check as hand guns. There is a waiting period once you apply initially for handguns, but then, you can use the permits at anytime to buy up to FIVE guns in the next 364 days without fear of another background check until one year.

    Limit multiple purchase permits.  Each purchase should require its own background check.

    How many guns does one person need anyway? I can in 2013, buy 5 hand guns, any amount of ammo I desire, and ALL the long guns (AR 15 etc) I want if they are made in a single purchase

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