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View Diary: Roland Martin wonders if Newtown tragedy calls for an Emmett Till moment (25 comments)

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  •  My grandchildren are that age (2+ / 0-)
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    When the medical examiner says it's the worst he's ever seen and when parents are shown photos of the children's faces rather than their bodies .... I think of the size of my little grandchildren and the damage even one bullet would do to their precious little bodies.

    Emmet Till was on my mind when I proposed in a diary a couple of days ago to film a simulation of the shooting on pig carcasses of a similar size. Comments convinced my that my wording was insensitive so I deleted it.

    Is seeing it truly the only way they'll get a clue?

    My heart goes out to the people of Sandy Hook. The parents, extended families, teachers, neighbors, and first responders.

    When I hear LaPierre and these others blame video games and society and the parents and everything under the sun but guns and lax regulation of guns I want to rub their faces in the carnage they enabled.

    If Sandy Hook doesn't bring about change nothing will and our society is beyond repair.

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