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  •  Obscene, seriously? (7+ / 0-)

    Hoboken, NJ is obscene?  Historic fishing towns on the New Jersey and Long Island coasts are obscene?  What about the Raritan Bay communities?  Staten Island?  What about the people in my town, some 40 miles up the Hudson River, who were caught out pretty much only because of the hurricane's precise place and direction of landfall?

    You are coming off just as cold as the Koch brothers, only in service of a different ideology.  Try being human.  These people need help, and further, most of their houses are still there.  Uninhabitable until the first floor gets gutted, but still there.  You want to force them out if they don't want to go?

    •  These places all sound like previous wetlands. (1+ / 0-)
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      CA wildwoman

      They sound like they are located near rivers and bays at sea level or below.  
      Clear out the debris.  Only those that want to bear the burden of rebuilding and risk should stay there.  
      I don't want to force them out, I just don't think that any public money should go to reconstruct there.  
      It is is inherent that climate refugees are forced to move by Nature, not the government.
      Historic or not, we are headed toward historically unprecedented Climate Change that will cause millions of climate refugees worldwide.  The facts are cold indeed and the fact is as a result of Climate Change, people will have to retreat from the water's edge to higher ground.
      This is not a matter of human sentiment.  This is the consequence of spewing more waste than the planet can absorb.

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