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  •  Go see The Hobbit (6+ / 0-)

    Fantastic. Yes, it does run slightly too long, but not nearly as much as some critics are saying (I'd say he could've lopped about 15 minutes off, not the hour that some are claiming).

    As for "stretching" the Hobbit out into a 3-film trilogy like LotR, yes, the book is much shorter than the Lord of the Rings trilogy was, but Jackson is filling in the rest of the story that Tolkein dismissed in throwaway lines in the book but which were explained more fully in his other writings.

    Some may disapprove or call it a shameless money grab, which I'm sure is true for the WB executives, but I think Jackson really wants to complete the full Middle Earth story as fully as possible, and the Hobbit films are the only chance he's gonna have to do so--believe me, no studio is gonna greenlight a Silmarillion feature film no matter how much money the Hobbit films make, so this is his only shot at telling the full story.

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