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View Diary: They Are Kicking the Hernandez' Out of Their Home on Christmas Eve. Major Update. (21 comments)

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  •  I'm guessing they understand. (25+ / 0-)

    And if not their attorneys would.  In any case it's not particularly relevant.  The bank basically stole their home
     in a pattern all to familar when you start to hear people's stories.

    During our five years of negotiations, we applied for four modifications and had all of them denied based on reasons that we knew were illegitimate. Also within the last five years, we have seen the bank implement specific practices to gain ammunition to slander our name and delegitimize our ownership of our home. For example; during this 5year period of negotiations, every time our family wanted to make payments towards the loan, the bank refused to take them.

    The bank later used this lack of payments to justify the auction of our home from underneath us. While not taking payment may seem very strange, we later learned that this is a very common practice that many banks use during foreclosure processes. We also learned that there have been various fraudulent affidavits associated with the rejection of our loan modification paperwork. To put it bluntly, the bank wants us to lose our home because the profit they stand to make from collecting the insurance they leveraged against us is more than the payments we would be making. Again- both of these are common practices that banks even now are continuing to use with countless families across our country.
    •  If people knew exactly how these thefts are... (7+ / 0-)

      taking place, they would revolt in a heartbeat.

      I educated my mother, a lifelong conservative, about fractional reserve and how banks basically create money to lend...then take tangible assets like houses and automobiles when folks run upon hard times. She was outraged.

      I wish our Democrat policy makers were so deep in league with these crooks. Perhaps we would have fierce advocates keeping this sort of stuff from happening instead of the general malaise that has gripped the working class and padded the pockets of the banking industry.

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