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  •  Tar Sands and China (0+ / 0-)

    Generally you're right that Canadians strongly oppose foreign influence on our affairs. But with respect to the tar sands, we already have foreign influence and it was opposed by close to 80% of Canadians.

    The Harper government recently fast-tracked the sale of Nexen's stake in the tar sands to the Chinese state-owned oil company CNOOC. When polled in late October a few weeks before the Conservatives railroaded this takeover, four out of five Canadians across the political spectrum opposed the sale, including even 57% of Conservative voters.

    Talk about outsourcing! The Chinese will be bringing in their own labor, and CBC recently disclosed that inexperienced Chinese workers will pay labor brokers up to Can$16,000 upfront so they can work in Canada while receiving less than half of the wages paid to experienced Canadian miners.

    The Tories are also about to approve FIPA, a trade agreement so that in the event of a dispute with a foreign investor, for example on environmental grounds, Canadian communities including First Nations have to live with the results of secret trade arbitration and cannot take the matter to Canadian courts.

    So at this point I think Canadians are hoping for international attention and support for what is happening here.

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