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View Diary: Catholic bishop uses Christmas message to equate marriage equality with Nazism and Communism (24 comments)

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  •  G. Wills had it right a few years ago: The Vatican (2+ / 0-)
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    Chrislove, gramofsam1

    was long ago taken over by "thugs" -- his word, that of a self-described practicing Catholic with a traditional special devotion to the B.V.M.  Of course, since it's the Vatican that picks the Bishops, this thuggery has subsequently spread to the rest of the hierarchy (or, as Charlie Pierce -- another self-described still practicing Catholic* -- calls the College of Cardinals, the Clan of the Red Beanie or the largest international conspiracy in history to enable and protect felonious abusers of children.)

    *I admit to being both dumbfounded and impressed by the number of people whose intellectual opinions I greatly admire who manage to maintain faith in a religion whose organized manifestation they recognize as being collosolly corrupt.  Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton I can understand -- that was before the unending pedophilia scandal.  But Wills and Pierce now?  I must admit I have a very difficult time understanding that kind of faith, much less being able to share it, despite 16 years of Catholic education and 4 subsequent years working for Catholic institutions.  

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