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  •  We've been to the ER (26+ / 0-)

    at Christmas several times over the last few years.  We have a special needs son (autism and chiari malformation), so it is par for the course for us.  A  couple of years ago, he perforated his ear drum by scratching it with a meat thermometer another time he pulled a paverstone out of the retaining wall and it dropped on his toe.  This was awful and the ER wasn't sure he'd ever get his nail back... I was totally freaked by this. I still get squeamish thinking about losing a nail.  Nevermind, the whole wall could have come down or worse, a toe injury is enough for me.

    So far we are okay.  It is 8:20 on xmas eve and none of us have the flu or an er visit.  My husband did cut off the tip of his finger tonight while chopping collards, but other than that, life is good.

    Here's a couple of Christmas songs, I discovered years ago from my Autism Group in Chattanooga, it works for your diary Bernard,  by

    #2: I'm Dreaming of a Quiet Christmas
    (sung to the tune of "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas")

    I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas
    Just like the ones I used to know,
    Without ER dashes,
    Mysterious rashes,
    Or kids injured in the snow.
    I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas --
    With every Christmas card I write,
    "Our year has been quite a fright!
    And I hope that Christmas will be quiet."
    I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas
    Without a crisis to control.
    Let there be no sirens
    In our environs,
    No crying children to console.
    I'm dreaming of a quiet Christmas,
    Oh, Santa, won't you hear my plea?
    Make our day peaceful and stress-free --
    That's the best gift you could bring me.
    and this one-
    #5: We'll Be Ill for Christmas
    (sung to the tune of "I'll Be Home for Christmas")

    We'll be ill for Christmas.
    You can count on that.
    There'll be snot,
    Oh, quite a lot,
    And vomit by the vat.
    Christmas Eve will find us
    Fighting with the flu.
    We'll be ill for Christmas,
    Contagious and full of goo.
    We'll be ill for Christmas.
    Santa, stay away!
    Don't come near,
    Bad germs are here,
    They'll slay you in your sleigh.
    Leave us meds and tissues,
    Throw them through the flue.
    We'll be ill this Christmas,
    Infectious and feeling blue.

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