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  •  Not the ER but ... (18+ / 0-)

    One year on New Year's Day, the pipes in the laundry room had frozen overnight and burst. Water pouring everywhere and flooding the room. I couldn't get any plumber to answer their phone, and I didn't know where the water shutoff for the house was and couldn't find it anywhere.

    My marriage had broken up not long before, and my ex was now living with the woman he'd had an affair with while married to me. He'd shut the water to the house off before, so I called him to ask him where it was (turned out it was down in the spidery crawl space in the dirt under the house). Meanwhile, I could hear his honey yelling in the background that I had a lot of nerve calling him there, "b*tch," and don't ever call her house again! The nerve of me calling the house of the woman who had an affair with the man who had been my husband at the time!

    Anyway, there was no way I was crawling under the house with the spiders and all, but then I got the bright idea to flip off the breaker switch to the water pump. Happy New Year to me!

    •  Weird how the "other" woman can (4+ / 0-)

      be so vindictive. My friend's Dad had an affair with, and eventually married the next door neighbor. Before he left my friend's mother, the neighbor was all cooing towards his wife and girls. After he married the neighbor, she became a witch to them.

      Friend's mother never recovered, and died young. On the anniversary of her death, friend wanted to light a memorial candle (which Jews light for their dead every year on the anniversary of a person's death). She was staying with the father and the witch at the time. Witch started screaming and throwing a fit about lighting a candle for friend's mother in witch's home.

      What is it about these people? Why can't they just be civil? Witch also tried to get all of friend's father's money when he died and cut out friend and her sister. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

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