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  •  I just want some health care. (5+ / 0-)

    I want to give my husband a rotator cuff rebuild, and two new knees, and the consultations with pulmonologists and dieticians and psychiatrists he needs.

    I want to have a little myself...I want two tendon grafts, and I want a podiatrist to figure out things about my foot mechanics, and I want vestibular therapy, and I want regular manipulation to fix my twisted spine, and I want to have the medications I need and enough income to buy the right food so I don't feel like crap all the time.

    When you come to find how essential the comfort of a well-kept home is to the bodily strength and good conditions, to a sound mind and spirit, and useful days, you will reverence the good housekeeper as I do above artist or poet, beauty or genius.

    by Alexandra Lynch on Tue Dec 25, 2012 at 06:26:04 AM PST

    •  health care is a human right - (0+ / 0-)

      therefore no health care access is immoral. May you and I and everyone who needs it have access to proper health care in 2013. Profit margins of insurance companies should not be literally killing us.

      "One of the beginnings of human emancipation is the ability to laugh at anything." - Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

      by wolf advocate on Wed Dec 26, 2012 at 01:55:28 AM PST

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