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    it's about the money- nothing more.

    they knew interest and national focus would wane over time- even the fiscal cliff topics are rapidly overtaking the issue of life and death by guns.
    just look at the daily kos diaries and one gets the idea.

    you show me a place in the constitution that even remotely rationalizes the domestic use of drones armed with 45 caliber weapons-

     go to washington, get the lobbyists, get the right politicians, get the market- and flood the country with product before the impact of the common good is even considered.

    it's the age of profit over morality.

    one only looks at dan quale's day, george bush sr as vp, the introduction of ssri-s (anti depressants), and the FDA- and one gets the idea.

    oh, the constitution?

    that's just a rationalization for AFTER the product has embedded so deeply that there's nothing that could be done with all the existing drones out there.  

    and drones? yea, that will happen too- already is.

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