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View Diary: Town's Gun Owners Outraged That Everyone In Town Knows They May Own A Gun (356 comments)

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  •  When I was a young mother I had an ongoing (3+ / 0-)

    issue that the police at one time had 2 cadets sleeping in my house but could not justify the expense on an ongoing basis. What happened started with a man (I could see his outline) prying at my window. I called the police and they arrived within 15 mins. This went on for weeks with him attacking various windows with a prybar. The next day you could see the path he had worn like a predatory animal around my house and every window was damaged. Then my little cockapoo had puppies and he took all four of them, killing the mother in the garage where her birth nest was. There were no windows and he went through the door. He returned my puppies in pieces except the last one where he slit its gut and spelled Hi with its intestines. That is when the police put cadets in my house and he stayed away while they were there. But eventually they left thinking that he was deterred. The harrassing continue and one evening after returning from shopping I came home to an open front door. In those days we had no cell phones so I ran to a neighbor with my baby and called the police. They were stymied and one told me maybe it was time to get a gun. I did, a 357. And I started sleeping on the couch with my baby next to me and my gun in my hand. Then came the night when he finally came through the back door and I called out "I have a gun and I will shoot you" . He took off running and I followed to see where he went to. He went over the fence and that gave the cops a place to begin looking... THe harrassment stopped.

    Lest you tell me I should have moved there is the facts that I was in the USAF and my husband and I owned the house. WE worked alternating shifts as night charge of quarters at David Grant Hospital in the lab.

    Later in my life as i grew older I got rid of my gun. Then we bought a new house and my firefighter husabnd was away as usual on his shift. One night I woke hearing something breaking. I sat up and reached for the phone. I could hear several guys talking in whispers downstairs so I grabbed the phone and called the police. They told me it would be 45 minutes til the cops got there... the dispatcher kept me on line and asked me if I had a gun. I said no and sat there waiting for them to come up stairs and then I got mad and stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down "I have a shotgun and I will use it" They split... They burgled 4 houses in that neighbor hood of new homes. The police figured there were part of the construction crews who kept the house keys and watched the homes. There was no damage to windows or doors. The four houses they burgled all had women alone in them. I bought a shotgun.

    I will always have a registered gun no matter how they splash my name around.  I will not just sit there waiting to find out if an invader wants to harm me or my loved ones. I will register my gun and meet safety training requirements and any other reasonable regulation. If that means that the mother next door thinks she has the right to demand to know if I have a weapon, fine. If that means that all my neighbors have a need to know fine. They don't want to talk to me fine, I can live with that. But that does not mean that the information should be made broadly public so that I can be targeted knowing full well just what I have so plans can be made to get around them.

    I am opposed to any public listing so that everybody can know just where to attack me. I am former USAF and people in Texas shot at us from bridges when I was there during Vietnam. More then one friend had a bullet hole through thier car windows. One had a bullet actually hit the back of his seat. So a list of that might be helpful to the shooters so there was no need to see a uniform. Maybe even include on the list cars and license plates. The shooters could stalk and kill at will. I am a mother so a convenient list of mothers of small children could make them easier targets. I am a book reader and a list of my reading could help those who think that people who read what I read should be banned, barred, or shot. I am an atheist and a list of atheists may be helpful to those who think atheists are evil and should be killed. I am a donor to ACLU, ASCPA, Heifer, Planned Parenthood, Democrats, Doctors without borders,... A list of those donations would give someone a convenient list of people to target... especially like the woman driving a car with the bumper sticker that read "the ACLU is evil and anyone who supports them is evil and should be shot". I have seen women sporting bumper stickers about abortion that made me sick to my stomach.

    Much of this information can be ferreted out but most of these people won't bother, most are not deep thinkers. To make public lists makes it easier for us to fragment more and more. Every response that I have read here that implies that "tough, we are going to get you" is someone who has created a crevass and an end to me listening to anything they have to say. Not because I don't agree about regulating guns and forbidding the sale of certain guns or clips or magazines. Butto me that attitude is just as dangerous and self righteous as the anti-abortionists who kill Drs. How does that move us forward. This continual fragmenting by the rigid ideologues of both sides accomplishes nothing.

    Fear is the Mind Killer...

    by boophus on Tue Dec 25, 2012 at 02:47:48 PM PST

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