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View Diary: Town's Gun Owners Outraged That Everyone In Town Knows They May Own A Gun (356 comments)

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  •  And a lot of gun owners were willing to close (0+ / 0-)

    that loop hole. But if stunts like what happened in that paper are an issue, I bet they will change their mind, so that some kind of privacy can be maintained.

    That paper and the people who think that is acceptable behavior are crapping in their own boot.

    What that paper did, was exactly the worst case scenario trotted out by the Gun Lobby, for years. And now the worst fears of the most fearful have just been confirmed, which makes them sound less crazy to more moderate folk in those circles.

    Is that the goal?

    Targeting law abiding citizens in some imagined pre-crime minority report is wrong, unethical, bad form, and it doesn't further the dialogue between the grown-ups. It simply pulls the issue into the mud, which obscures any real life solutions or agreements.

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