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  •  Enough with this God Crap!! (7+ / 0-)

    I believe in God but I dont want to live in a freaking church and I dont see these people like Huckabee any different then the Taliban.  If we ever gave them an inch, they would take a mile just like they do in every other facet of that crazy deranged party!  

    The fact that they talk like this, treat people who aren't like them with such disrespect, and are always the ones caught in the cheating, Prostitution scandals, gay bathroom incidents makes me sick!

    Sometimes I get really scared for what this country would look like if the left ever gets exhausted of fighting back, even for a second, and these crazies get control.

    Oh yeah, look at 2010 and the resulting laws coming from all of these states with total Republican control.

    God, has it been as crazy as this for the history of our country.  Always fighting tis same battle?  Will it ever end?

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