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View Diary: China Cuts US Credit Rating. Obama Cuts Hawaii Vacation Short. (171 comments)

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    Carroll Quigley's Tragedy & Hope, followed by a complete perusal of the website of Henry C.K. Liu.  You might also catch the Wiki article on the Rothschilde family. There is nothing terribly shadowy about the international world of finance, nevertheless their secretiveness is legendary.  They are both required to reveal their inmost secrets by a plethora of regulations in every developed nation on earth, and experts in pursuit of the financial shell-game despite those mandatory disclosures.  They have created both a mystique of their work as inherently too complex for most to understand, beginning with the difficulties of medieval accounting in Roman "numerals", and indulged during modern times in massive unnecessary but highly deceptive complexity.  Everything you need to know about international finance is hidden in plain sight, so it's hardly CT to reference it.  The annual get-together at Davos is reported in all the papers and magazines, as are the titles of the catchiest seminars and conferences.  Nevertheless most of the real "work" for attendees occurs in corners off of hotel corridors and at private meals.  There is no difficulty in finding out what, in general, the financier class is doing; the devil (and the CT) is in the details.

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