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View Diary: Money trumps guns in FreedomWorks coup attempt (150 comments)

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    One of the conditions for the contributions was that FreedomWorks spend liberally on Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Deadbeat dad). Walsh was headed for a 10-point defeat, so we should be glad that even as Stephenson was giving the money, he was insisting it be thrown away.
    why does the term "money laundering" keep popping into my head?

    i can't help but wondering HOW those millions were spent on who benefited!  perhaps this is the real issue behind citizens united.  the vvr (very very rich) have run out of ways to make their billions "clean" again!

    how many questionable recipients are getting those campaign funds? maybe we should "look" at the "other hand" instead of over ther..... SQUIRREL!!!

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