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View Diary: People, Let's STOP (only) parsing the 2nd Amendment,Heller and McDonald remain (107 comments)

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  •  Thank you- in a room we'd probably greatly agree (2+ / 0-)
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    I can't say I "disdain" heller. I truly have not studied it enough. The diaries just got to the point that we are not going to act on "but the second amendment says".

    Perhaps if you discussed Lujan you could make it out together. That was the only time I appreciated Scalia (ie generally you use Precedent to well help, there he basically wrote the most condescending opinion ever and I have to admit I kinda found his cites humorous).

    I suppose I am saying in part, wrong or right (Heller), there's two ways (mainly) 1. to wring your hand about the second Amendment (and then realize your interpretation was already dismissed right or wrong);

    or start from the latter and either attack it like Citizens United (not what I am saying, but as I say about if these decisions get as transparent as the 30's who knows) or preferably first understand Hamilton yes said x, Washington used as y, but in 2008 a decision was made, and 5 years later won't be reversed, understand what it allows and recalibrate (ie laws not at odds, or attack like citizens).

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