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View Diary: People, Let's STOP (only) parsing the 2nd Amendment,Heller and McDonald remain (107 comments)

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  •  I believe the popular understanding of the second (1+ / 0-)
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    Amendment and its current basis for defending unrestricted, unlimited military weapon sales to an unaware and at risk population is derived from fiddling with an extinct relic.

    The second Amendment that had failed in essence as a clumsy, ill thought out check on the centralization  and flow of power to a powerful Federal government's own better equipped and permanent Army.

    Weapons, guns, and cartridge weapons after the obsolescence of flintlocks were ubiquitous  in the colonies and new America.  In 1509, the Spaniards brought cannon gunpowder handguns, and horses to  the Americas. The settlers in colonial times  brought muskets and pistols. Guns were everywheer, every farmer, surveyor, and merchant class person in the cities had at least one. They were part of the ordinary commerce of the times for over 200 years prior to the Bill of Rights.

    The Second Amendment defining the role of militias and the tension between conscription and purposes of armed bodies of men became a failed amendment, much like Prohibition because the times and history rendered it unworkable.  Guns were everywhere before the Amendment and everywhere after, that is nowhere regulated or controlled by the Amendment!

    What is new these past decades  is the SCOTUS reach and the twist to find ways to hang the avoidance of regulation, the systematic common sense controls to deal with the menace of unbridled lethal weaponry, especially military optimized weaponry, not in a militia but let loose at random on all citizens, controlled and regulated or not!

    It is irrelevant to me whether the Justices cheering the gun deluge have stock in S and W, Remington Arms, Walmart, or other sellers and makers. That is too obvious. What is pernicious and treacherous is the hypocrisy of claiming Second Amendment "liberty" is more important to bestow as a right on a psycho killer and his freedom to buy and use deadly force away from sane regulation than it is for families and the rest of the population to be free from a judicially created monstrosity.

      The protected  freedom for sales of deadly objects for edification and profit of an insane few  regardless of consequences..

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