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View Diary: People, Let's STOP (only) parsing the 2nd Amendment,Heller and McDonald remain (107 comments)

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    SHOULD have made it easier to control guns.

    The main impediment on enacting gun laws is there is a sizeable amount of gun owners who think ANY gun regulation is the first step to confiscating all guns.

    So by saying there WAS a right that SHOULD have allowed for greater REGULATION without the worry of confiscation.

    However now with all these shootings rather than calling for greater regulation those on the anti gun crowd are calling for repealing the second amendment or laws that even people who own guns and believe we are having a gun problem won't be for.

    What COULD have happened is we say "Yes there's a right. But if you want an assault weapon you have to pay a big tax and go thru an extensive background check.  

    "Every gun should have a title just like a car, and when somebody buys it they have to submit to a background check before the owner can transfer the title.

    However just like the gun industry and gun culture overplayed their hand and allowed all these guns with such and abuse potential to hit the market the anti gun folks are stoking paranoia in an already paranoid gun culture that will probably make their goal of safe streets farther away.

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