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View Diary: House GOP not returning to D.C. (182 comments)

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    •  The Senate Will Be in Session (1+ / 0-)
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      I understand that the Senate will be in session, so there won't be an opportunity there.

      It's unfortunate that he didn't do a set of recess appointments in 2009. When the Republicans first bulked at his nominees he should have appointed all of them to recess appointments and told the Republicans, "If you don't act, I will." You can just imagine what they would have done then.

      The would have respected him.

      •  The Senate hasn't technically been in recess (2+ / 0-)
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        raboof, Liberal Thinking

        Since Obama became president.  To be more specific since 2007 because the Ds started doing pro-forma sessions back then to keep Bush from doing recess appointments.  Most notably Bolton to UN.

        Obama's round of so called recess appointments was calling their bluff saying I know you are having pro forma sessions but I am appointing anyway.

        Bush respected the pro forma sessions for two years.  Obama did the same and then said enough.  While I was glad we got the appointments now that the precedent has been set it could come back to bite us someday when there is a R president and they appoint someone like Bolton.

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